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The most difficult and/or competitive single player games.
A broad list of difficult and competitive single player games.

The most strategically difficult SRPG/TBS challenges.
Some tactics game challenges that will test your mettle.

List of tactical level Turn Based Strategy and SRPG/TRPG games.
The most comprehensive list of turn based tactics games on the net.

Recommended turn based tactics games.
A list of turn based tactics games I’d recommend to average or veteran tactics gamers.

Super Robot Wars Review/Guide Compendium
A list of all of my Super Robot Wars reviews and guides, starting from the first game.


Strategic Insights review methodology. 
Read about my opinions and how I review games here.

Tactical level turn based strategy, SRPG, TRPG, TBS 101.
A quick crash course in scoring systems, skill measurement, and game analysis.

Common logical errors in video game discussion.
Don’t worry, you’ll never run into someone utilizing a logical fallacy on a video game forum, this article is just for reference.

Deconstructing the “Localize it” and other fanboy arguments.