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Recommended turn based tactics games

Recommended turn based tactics games

This is a list of tactics games I recommend to average or experienced tactics gamers. I mainly play tactics games for their strategy and combat, not plot and characters. If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know as there are many games I haven’t played.

This list is (and will always remain) incomplete. If you don’t see something listed, try suggesting it.

Last Updated June 15, 2012.

Nintendo DS/3DS:


Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Advance Wars: Dual Strike is a wargame-lite with some rarely used concepts like playing over two battlefields on both screens. Includes a campaign, scenarios, and challenges. Not a very balanced or even difficult game, but it’s good fun figuring out ways to break the game with the various combinations of COs (commanding officers).

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Days of Ruin returns to the simpler mechanics that defined earlier Wars games – no more dual COs or crazy game breaking powers. It’s another wargame-lite with the same quality gameplay and UI you should expect from Intelligent Systems. Unfortunately, reports were that Advance Wars: Days of Ruin did not do well in NA, and it was cancelled in Japan despite being already translated in Japanese.

Age of Empires: Mythologies
The sequel to Age of Empires: The Age of Kings. It plays much like a turn based RTS game with resource collection, buildings, and tech trees in addition to tactical combat. Mythologies is much improved with a better campaign, less lag, and less bugs. It’s one of the rare western developed console tactics games that I felt was well done.

Drone Tactics
A quirky tactics game involving usable cards that affect gameplay, stylus minigames, and fighting robot bugs. The main campaign is decent, but the most fun is to be had in the 60 extra challenge stages, the last of which are pretty interesting.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
A solid Fire Emblem title that took a lot of flak for its simple plot, lack of character development, pre-rendered battle animations, and the requirement to kill off most of your army to reach the gaiden (side) chapters. Although it’s not among the best in the series, you won’t be disappointed if you appreciate Fire Emblem for its fast paced tactical combat.

Knights in the Nightmare
A turn based tactics game mixed with bullet hell and other realtime elements. It’s one of Sting’s most creative and well renowned strategy titles. It takes some effort to learn the mechanics, but it’s worth it to experience a unique and well designed strategy game. A port is also available on the PSP.

Panzer Tactics DS
Panzer Tactics takes the WW2 wargame genre most commonly found on the PC and shoehorns it onto the DS. Expect realistic units and scenarios, hexes, expansive battlefields, and primary/secondary battle conditions. The UI is a bit laggy, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try if you like WW2 wargames.

Rondo of Swords
A tactics game that allows you to pass through multiple enemies while dealing damage to them. Instead of treating it like a gimmick, Rondo of Swords makes good use of its rare mechanic with plenty of interesting campaign scenarios. It’s a solid game that doesn’t get a lot of respect, maybe because of its above average difficulty combined with its pass through mechanic.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
A tactics game where combat outcomes are determined by a RPG-like battle minigame involving elemental strengths/weaknesses and other skills. Devil Survivor places heavy emphasis on creating, customizing, and fusing demons to use in your party. It’s another interesting tactics experience that you likely won’t find elsewhere.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
The sequel to SMT: Devil Survivor. More of the same gameplay and survive or die style plot. It’s just as enjoyable as the original so pick it up if you liked the first one.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Another good tactics game that got a lot of flak for its punishing difficulty and lack of available grinding. Up to 4 units surrounding an enemy can gang up with combo attacks and special abilities, so placement and prediction is key. If you don’t ‘overkill’ normal enemies enough you’ll have powerful boss-like realmstalkers sent after you in the next mission.

Battleship for DS/3DS




Another pretty good Sting developed SRPG. Not nearly as crazy as Knights in the Nightmare, Gungnir is more of a traditional tactics game like Tactics Ogre, except with less grinding and more difficulty. Like most Sting games, expect to spend at least an hour or two figuring out how the game mechanics work before proceeding. Gungnir has a scoring system and rank mechanics rarely found in tactics games, and getting high scores on the Nightmare difficulty is pretty difficult.

Jeanne D’ Arc
Jeanne D’ Arc is on the easier side of tactics games, but it’s solid and well designed with lots of polish and effort put into it. Experienced gamers might breeze through it, but they’ll still enjoy the ride thanks to interesting scenarios, well done UI, and fast paced combat. Just because a tactics game is easy doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign
A hybrid turn based FPS similar to Valkyria Chronicles or Warhammer 40k Squad Commander, except set in a realistic WW2 wargame environment with more complex game rules. Features a scoring system and difficulty modes. Not for beginners.

R-Type Command
R-Type Command is a turn based take on the R-Type series, featuring many ships and creatures from the series. It’s relatively complex for a console game and gets difficult late in the campaign. Most panned it for being overly complex and lacking plot/character development, but that shouldn’t bother someone interested in learning the mechanics and engaging in some thoughtful tactical combat.

Valkyria Chronicles II
An innovative cross between a FPS and a turn based tactics game, where
your units run and shoot (one at a time) through the battlefield while
avoiding enemy fire. The PSP sequel drew a lot of complaints for its reduction in map size, small deployment limits, repetitive maps, and randomized class promotions. It’s still a pretty fun game though, worth playing for the well designed FPS/turn based hybrid experience. Just don’t expect a masterpiece.

Wild Arms XF
A rather hardcore take on Wild Arms that caught fans expecting your typical RPG level difficulty by surprise. It features above average difficulty and complexity, so anyone seeking a game that has both depth and the requirement to utilize it might enjoy what’s on offer. And when was the last time you saw a console SRPG with hexes?



Advance Wars
A well regarded wargame-lite that introduced a lot of new players to the genre. Simple deterministic mechanics combined with well designed maps, scenarios, and a challenging Advance Campaign that is still one of the most difficult tactics challenges you can find on a portable system.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Advance Wars sequel dialed down the difficulty and added a few new mechanics, but otherwise kept the same formula as the original. A solid wargame-lite.

Fire Emblem
The first Fire Emblem title to be localized in NA. It’s a classic with a solid scoring system, difficulty modes, and addictive permadeath/RNG gameplay. The tutorial screenshot was the only one I could find.

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 1 and 2
Two of the only Super Robot Wars games to be localized in NA. OG2 is the better game, but with only two games to choose from, you should probably play both. Super Robot Wars is a long running SRPG series featuring giant robots beating the crap out of each other.

The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age
A surprisingly competent western developed tactics game based around The Lord of the Rings franchise. Much better than the awful PSP version. It’s simple but enjoyable and worth a try if you’ve exhausted the other GBA classics.



Front Mission 3
Not the most tactical or balanced Front Mission game, but still plenty of fun to be had. One of the rare mech tactics games where you can eject pilots out of their robots and kill them.

Nectaris: Military Madness
Nectaris is an old school but functional Wargame-lite. The Playstation version comes with quite a few tactically interesting missions and a map editor. Expect no frills and a rather outdated UI.



Daisenryaku VII Exceed
of the few Daisenryaku games to be localized in NA. Daisenryaku is a
WW2 style wargame series with realistic combat mechanics and hundreds of
unit types based on real life militaries. I haven’t played this entry
specifically but it’s probably as good as the rest of them if you like
tactics games. Has a map editor if you’re feeling creative. Also
available on the Xbox and PSP, although the PSP version was never

Eternal Poison
A lesser known but decent tactics game. Above average difficulty, lack of mid-battle saves, and no grinding.

Front Mission 4
A mech/cover shooter tactics game with good mechanics and customization, a well designed campaign with plenty of variety, and challenging scenarios
to unlock. It got a lot of flack for its boring plot and above average
difficulty, but serious tactics fans should give it a try.



Battle Academy
Battle Academy is a tactical cover shooter. While it’s based on realistic WW2 units and combat situations, it’s not as heavy on the realistic mechanics and stats. Also available for iOS.

Battle for Wesnoth
A long running open source fantasy tactics game. Features an enormous amount of official and user made content along with a map editor with full campaign and scripting capabilities.

Fantasy Wars and Elven Legacy
Two hex based fantasy SRPGs. Very enjoyable for experienced tactics gamers, but beginners might be off put by the difficulty level, even on the easiest mode. You earn medals based on how quickly you clear a scenario.

Field of Glory
A tactics game focusing on ancient historical battles. Field of Glory’s mechanics are modeled after real tabletop games, allowing you to unleash your inner grognard.

Panzer Corps/Allied Corps
A tactics wargame in the style of Panzer General. If you like classic WW2 wargames, you’ll enjoy Panzer Corps.

Panzer General and other games by SSI such as Steel Panthers
A series of classic tactics wargames including Panzer General, most of which hold up pretty well even today.

Strat Tech
Yes I’m totally biased by adding a tactics game I contributed to here. And it’s a pretty good tactics game. There are over a dozen classes each with unique and balanced abilities, a wide variety of missions and map objects, scoring system, even raid bosses. So deal with it.

X-COM Series
discussion of PC tactics games could be complete without a mention of
X-Com? X-Com: UFO Defense is regarded as a classic, although the UI hasn’t aged very well and it’s not particularly balanced. It’s regularly praised for its dynamic combat with randomly generated maps and a complex strategic and base building layer.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within
A decent tactics game that has solid mechanics, but lacks depth and variety, and encourages camping on the higher difficulties. Worth playing at least once.

Unity of Command
Basically plays like Panzer General with supply lines. While it’s an operational level game, it’s so light on operational level mechanics that it’s basically a tactics game.

Jagged Alliance
Jagged Alliance is a turn based cover shooter. You’re placed on a large island and given lots of options as to how to move around and take out enemy forces. Tends to be slow paced.


Telepath Tactics

Skulls of the Shogun
Skulls of the
Shogun is a fast paced arcade style tactics game designed for
competitive multiplayer. Available on Windows 8 and Xbox Live Arcade.


Card Hunter

Just Tactics

There are lots of great indie tactics games on PC.



Valkyria Chronicles
An innovative cross between a FPS and a turn based tactics game, where your units run and shoot (one at a time) through the battlefield while avoiding enemy fire. While moving your unit around, enemies can spot you and shoot, but can’t move themselves, although you can move them around a bit by throwing grenades and such. VC has a decent scoring system and some challenging DLC.



Operation Darkness
Another much maligned tactics game for its above average difficulty, permadeath, lack of in-battle saving, poor camera controls, etc. To say this game was brutalized in reviews would be an understatement. Look past the wonky camera though and you’ll find a good cover based shooter with lots of interesting tactical situations. For experienced tactics gamers only.

Military Madness: Nectaris Remake
A port/remake of Military Madness/Nectaris, a wargame-lite with simple mechanics and a few interesting missions here and there. Think of it as an alternative to Advance Wars. Also available on Wii and PS3.



Military Madness: Neo Nectaris
A remake of a previously unreleased Nectaris game. Not the same as the Playstation version or the remake of the original on Wii/PS3/360. Its above average difficulty will send most iPhone players fleeing for Angry Birds or whatever.

Battle for Wesnoth HD
An expansive, open source hex based tactics game. The iOS port is not open source, but you can take it on the go and play through most or all of the content from the PC version.

Reign of Swords
Hero Academy

Lots of other iOS games I haven’t gotten around to playing in depth.

Games I haven’t yet played, but might be worth a look:

Dawn of Heroes (DS)

western developed tactics game that struggled to gain attention, then
faced poor reviews for its difficulty and lack of polish. Combat is
focused around heroes with various abilities, somewhat like Hero Arena
or MOBA games that are popular today. Unfortunately animations are
unskippable so that might be a pain to deal with. Expect to run into
bosses and challenges that require specific hero/skill/gear setups. I
haven’t played it myself but it might be worth a look.

Mytran Wars (PSP)

Mytran Wars is
another western developed tactics game that failed to get much
recognition or praise. It features customizable mech based combat and
plenty of tactical gameplay to dig into. I haven’t played this one myself so approach with caution.

Suikoden Tactics
While I haven’t played through much of Suikoden
Tactics myself, it looks like a well designed tactics game with some
challenging S ranks to aim for.

Import titles: Ready to learn some Japanese?

There are a lot of import games I’ve never heard of or played, so feel free to suggest something.

Multiple Consoles:

Super Robot Wars Series*

SD Gundam G Generation Series

Daisenryaku Series*

Langrisser Series*

Fire Emblem Series*


Valkyria Chronicles 3

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate

Gloria Union

Blaze Union


Front Mission 2*

Tear Ring Saga*


Front Mission 5 ~Scars of the War~*

Berwick Saga

* = Unofficial English translation patch available




Awesome Site.


professor ganson

Awesome post. Even a few I didn’t know about! Lord of the Rings for GBA? I picked up a PSP Lord of the Rings tactics game, but I haven’t tried it out yet.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Thanks Bobalot and Ganson. Yeah there’s a LOTR game for GBA which is pretty good. It has a pretty unforgiving difficulty mode and it’s a well made tactics game. The PSP game isn’t quite as good, imo.


professor ganson

I also didn’t know about Daisenryaku VII Exceed. Amazon has it new for .89, so I picked that up.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Oh yes, it’s the only Daisenryaku game to ever come to NA, so it’s worth giving a try to see if you like the series.


You’d actually recommend Operation Darkness, or are you just listing it as a tactical game?


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Operation Darkness is a pretty fun tactics game if you can get past the awful camera.



wild arms XF for the psp was awesome! too bad the difficulty died down about half way through the game, but it was a heck load of fun.


professor ganson

Agreed. I did find the constant changing of classes a bit of a chore/bore, but Wild Arms XF was surprisingly good. Still have to finish it.

So, Matt, Dawn of Heroes and Hero’s Saga Laevatein didn’t quite make the grade? I haven’t tried the former yet, and I didn’t get very far along the latter.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

I actually haven’t gotten into Dawn of Heroes. Hero’s Saga Laevatein is a generic tactics game mostly for kids. It’s not a bad game, though.



surprised to only see one psx title.



oops meant only 1 psx title


Private Prinny

Hello Matthew, I really like this site!

Some little mistake I found:

DS games that look decent but I haven’t actually played: Dawn of Heroes, Mytran Wars

Mytran Wars is for PSP not DS

It is a mostly generic robot based game, a little resembling front mission, but in any way not as polished. The Comic Style Story Events and the research/upgrade systems are nice though

PS3: Valkyrian Chronicles (of course!)

Disgaea wasn’t mentioned on PS2 and PS3, DS and PSP…to hardcore? ;-P


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Hi Private Prinny, thanks for pointing out that mistake.

I don’t recommend Disgaea as it is more about grinding and numbers than chess-like strategy and tactics.



Hm, you have Suikoden Tactics but no Final Fantasy Tactics? Personally I thought Suikoden Tactics was flat out awful.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Final Fantasy Tactics is too imbalanced and easy, imo. The tactics games I listed are for those who like figuring out slightly more complicated strategies.

I liked Suikoden Tactics as it had a decent scoring system and wasn’t a walk in the park.



Operation Darkness? Eternal Poison? After thinking you have lost your mind I think I figured you out. You’re someone who likes a challenge. The problem is all the good games aren’t very hard anymore like back in the old nes/snes days where there was only a couple quick levels so the games had to be controller breaking hard to prevent you from beating it quickly. So to combat the good “easy” games with good design, sound, etc… you pick these horribly bad games because they are “hard”. But not hard in a good way, hard as in “this game is so poorly designed that it cant be anything but impossible”. Let me just list a few things about Operation Darkness. The camera angles it gives are almost unplayable. You’re either in the wall or floor or anywhere but where you should be looking at. How about when a character that you just spent how long leveling dies and is replaced by a level 1? How about only 1 guy in the game can revive people but he will probably die any be gone forever anyways. And one last thing, the graphics. Not that they mean much but come on! Is this a throwback to snes? Everyone has their own opinions and I do enjoy reading your site.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

OP Darkness camera sucks, yeah. Considering I played through it without ever equipping auto-restore or level grinding or permanently losing a unit I wouldn’t consider it that hard. See my guide for the game here. Eternal Poison was a decent PS2 title, not amazing but sometimes it’s slim pickins for English only speakers.


Private Prinny

After reading trough this again and since you are only suggesting challenging games I take back my earlier remark about the Disgaea Series, which are quirky, crazy and fun games but not challenging (at least as long you do not state “mindless time consuming grind equals challenging”.

However one thing I noticed:
You did exclude the Gamecube from your List.

And since you stated FE Radient Dawn for the Wii maybe also FE Path of Radiance for the GC qualifies as well (since you can still play it on a Wii as I have done so myself)and was quite challenging sometimes(at least for myself).

Another thing, in your Import List you listed:
FE 12 for the DS
FM 2 for the PS1
…which have ongoing fan-translation attempts…
as well as
FE 6 for the GBA
FM 5 for the PS2
which have finished (imho) quite exceptional fan-translations.

Might be worth an extra note?

Or do you not condonde this attempts due to possible piracy? Or do you want to keep things simple to prevent the list from getting to cluttered and convoluted?


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

You’re right, I should list FE9 as an import game. Mania mode was pretty fun.

I don’t think fan translations necessarily means piracy. You can get most older import tactics games on ebay for very cheap. For example I see several Front Mission 5 listings for under $20. I’ll try to make a note of what games have translations, though. Thanks.



Your site seems to give off quite the elitist aura. It’s no wonder easy games like Tactics Ogre (which I find to be just awesome) and FFT didn’t get a good rep from you. I respect that, though.

Still, you should probably list out other ones that are fun as well. Sure, challenges are always fun, but remember that fun is clearly subjective. I’m sure you know that very well.

Listing the other games will appeal to a larger audience, probably increasing you blog hits, and in turn, help out other gaming bros find the game that they like, easy or hard.


Nice work, bro. Hunters 2 for iPhone. Aliens versus Humans on iPhone is so-so, crap graphics but fairly faithful to the original X-Com.



This is a great list, thanks for the recommendations.

How do you feel about the Langrisser series, btw? I’ve been playing through II lately and I’m enjoying it way more than what I’ve played of the Gen/MD Shining Force games (which seemed easy and simplistic from what I played, not to mention the incredibly stupid AI — I liked the idea of having towns, which made the game world seem more interconnected, but in practice they were kind of boring as well, no thanks to the dated command interface), not to mention the much better audiovisuals.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

I haven’t played a lot of the Langrisser series, but it looks decent. Glad you liked the list, ty. I should update it soon.



this is really good list. Although I cannot catch the console-ones, as I only have owned portable devices. At least I feel that the DS, GBA, and PSP mentions are surely in the right place.

Though I’m pretty sure Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth could be added to that list


Private Prinny

Really like the new style. This is a huge step forward.

No Yggdra Union?
oh well to gimmick-y I guess…
Just food for thought:
Vandal Hearts 1,2, Vanguard Heroes but of course to little known I guess…

*takes 3D-Glasses and a bucket full of Popcorn and waits for the obvious “Y U NO FF T:WOTL / FFT A / FFT A 2 / TO:LUCT / TO:GBA / Disgaea 1,2,3,4????” rage*

Import List:
Maybe (as you are only stating some series here)

Growlanser Series


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Thanks Prinny.

I’m still not really sure on Yggdra Union. I found the constant battle mini-games to be a chore, and I hated the RNG screwing that occurs when an enemy decides to randomly kill your leader, more or less guaranteeing a loss. Wasn’t a big fan of the lopsided card system and items scattered all around the map, either. Maybe I’ll have to play it again or someone will have to tell me how I’m wrong and how it’s a good tactics game. Thankfully Gungnir doesn’t suffer from any of those issues, and I think it’s a much better tactics game.

Vandal Hearts was too generic/simple/ugly to me. What is Vanguard Heroes? Did you mean that recent Vandal Hearts remake for PS3? I heard it wasn’t that good either.

I’m still considering including Disgaea 4 on this list. I mean the main game is fun enough, has a decent amount of content, and you don’t have to grind through it. The post-game is where the grinding sets in.

Growlanser I don’t consider to be a tactics game for the purposes of this web site.

Yeah FFT/TO aren’t making it on this list. For me to like a FFT/TO game, it doesn’t even need to be challenging, it just has to be well designed, and balanced, with a good UI and combat pacing, and interesting scenario design – much like Jeanne D’ Arc.



Guess lenneth doesn’t make the cut for you eh?

but have you tried Dofus or Wakfu? although they are P2P(pay2play)-advertised games.. they are still promising MMO-srpg games. I find the uniqueness of each character really interesting, especially Xelor.

Dofus has somewhat limitations to unsubscribed users.. so it might not hurt to give it a try, while wakfu is currently under beta testing… which is totally free atm


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is an RPG.. it’s not a tactics game as covered on this blog.

No Dofus or Wakfu or other dungeon crawler/roguelike since you only control one unit at a time.



ah yeah, crud. my bad. must’ve messed up the DS game with the psp one..

how bout Vantage Master for the psp? Summon night 4 for the ps2?


Private Prinny

What is Vanguard Heroes? Did you mean that recent Vandal Hearts remake for PS3? I heard it wasn’t that good either.

Sorry, I meant Vanguard Bandits for PSone

But it is really hard to remember back if it was challenging or only me sucking at the game.



I just wanted to say that Langrisser for the Genesis (released in US as Warsong) and Der Langrisser for SNES (fan translation available) are both pretty good, and I’d recommend trying them out (emu) if you get a chance.

I believe the designer of Devil Survivor previously worked on both the Langrisser and Growlanser series.



Why is jagged alliance not in that list? Or what about the abscence of x-com UFO defense?



My bad, X-Com is on that list, the lack of jagged aliance is kind of off putting though.


Matthew Emirzian (mjemirzian)

I think I just forgot to mention Jagged Alliance.



Add Queen’s Blade to the list, it’s basically SRW with boobs 😛

Dwi Milanisti

Awesome site 😀


Berwick Saga is for ps2 not psx.


Körmendi Attila

You missed some pretty good turn based strategy games.
I am a big fan of this style.
Other games:
-Blazing souls (PSP, Android)
-Spectral Souls (PSP, Android)
-Luminous Arc 1,2 and 3 (DS, last one there is a fully english patch)
-Disgaea 1,2 (PSP) 1(DS)
-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Gameboy Advance)
-Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP, PSx)
-Final Fantasy Tactics Graimore (DS)
-Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis (Gameboy Advance)
-Arc the Lad 1,2,3 (PSX)
-Vandal Hearts 1,2 (PSX)
-Saiyuki Journey West (PSX)
and there are others also…
The best of them for me:Lord of the Rings Third Age for GBA!everybody think that title is not deep (few character customization, few skills). But you choose from 3 leaders and 7 sub leaders and they can be improved. Two champaign, with bonus maps almost 50 map. On higher difficulties the game is like hell but very enjoyable. Highly recommended!


Reje Kaber

mjemirzian, do you know of a Tactical RPG that is more difficult than assorted Fire Emblems? Use the ones that were released outside of Japan as the games to be compared.

Of all the things I’m looking for, one is that the enemies aren’t too weak compared to the playable units (or that the playable units aren’t too strong compared to the enemies). This is something I’ve noticed that keeps on showing up in FE games.

Any games come to mind?


MJEmirzian (mjemirzian)

Some SRPGs you’ll probably enjoy if you want a challenge: Elven Legacy, Gungnir, Wild Arms XF, Berwick Saga

The most difficult FE is FE12, and it has a full English translation. I suggest you give it a try.


That’s all I can think of right now.


Reje Kaber

I heard about that Heroes of Light and Shadow game.

Is it really the hardest FE even with Awakening and that Thracia 776 game being around?


Private Prinny

Over at Pockettactics.com the discussion about good SRPGs on Consoles and Portables came up in the forum. Remembered this great list. Sure could use some new input but a great read anyway.


MJEmirzian (mjemirzian)

I’ll have to update this list sometime. Thanks Prinny.



Somewhere I recall your saying that Disgaea 4 broke the mold and is a good game. I’m playing it now, and so far I’d have to agree. If you expand this list to include the Vita, it might be a deserving entry. So far there is no need to grind at all and the difficulty is nice.



Somewhere I recall your saying that Disgaea 4 broke the mold and is a good game. I’m playing it now, and so far I’d have to agree. If you expand this list to include the Vita, it might be a deserving entry. So far there is no need to grind at all and the difficulty is nice.


MJEmirzian (mjemirzian)

Possibly. Maybe Disgaea 5 if it’s good. They’ve been improving each game.

Natural Doctrine is ok. 6.5/10


Private Prinny

I have to finish Disgaea 4 and dive into Disgaea D2 (Sequel to the original Disgaeaon PS3) to see if it is even better than 4 (implemented some changes but not all.

I am also very eager to get my paws onto Battle World:Kronos mobile eddition. I started the PC version, generally liked it very well (I am an oldschool die-hard Battle Isle-Fanboy) and stopped playing because hoping for the imeninent release of the mobile version as I have more time playing while I commute then when I am at home.

I would like a rework as well if you are thinking about it, just give me a shout if you need help* (its a lot of work compiling the data for this I know this fore sure :-))
*especially if needed on the portable/mobile front

A thing to keep in mind is (seeing above comments) that people did not understand your original intend of this list here. It wasn’t meant as a “all SRPG/TBS” or even a “good SRPG/TBS” list… its a “recommended” or “my (a.k.a. Matthew E.) best off” list.

So mayba a split would be fine “coprehensive” and “recommended”
but its your decision (again a lot of work).

You already started the (discontinued) List of SRPGs and TBS games which was chronologically listed. I assume you got too swamped by the “Kickstarter/ Mobile F2P/ Early Access/ Indi” rush in the last couple of years to keep track.

If you want an all-in-one list maybe take the list here, have maybe 5 top-picks per platform and below list all the others too reduce the “hey you forgot to add generic random SRPG here”-posts

So basically this list combined with the “comprehensive” list.

Or have them split as it is now and rename them maybe that vistors of the lazy kind know there are two lists? 🙂
Either way keep up the good work. I really like your effort spent here and take every chance to reference back here (^.^)=b


MJEmirzian (mjemirzian)

I’ll update the recommended list here with a few new games like Battle Academy 2 and Battle World: Kronos (if it’s not there already).

As for the comprehensive list, I’m not interested in updating it anymore.



What’s your opinion on Armodyne? I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet myself (don’t know japanese… planning to though!), but have you not gotten around to playing the game yet as well?

Great site by the way! Discovered it a few days ago when searching for criticisms on
Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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